Natural essential oils for the face

Oil for the face began to appear more and more often in the cosmetic bags of women who take care of themselves. Also, professional cosmetologists began to recommend them to their clients. The fact is that this cosmetic product has many useful qualities and has a positive effect on the skin of the whole body. It is very relevant in winter and summer, when the cover suffers from wind and sun, to maintain a good, healthy appearance, this product should be used constantly.


Face oil with an active moisturizing effect

Anti-wrinkle facial oil

Apricot kernel oil is natural

It is best to buy the following face oils:

Argan. Normalization of the level of Ph.
Jojoba. Regulation of sebaceous glands and against rashes.
Avocado. It will help to get rid of dryness.
Dog-rose. At the first age changes and loss of moisture.
From grape seeds. Not suitable for tightness.
Garnet. To restore elasticity and youth.
Macadamia. With severe dehydration.
Shea or karite. In the absence of elasticity.

Face oil - features, how to use

These products are made from natural and synthetic substances, so they are herbal, mineral and etheric. Their texture is much lighter than that of the cream, thanks to which they penetrate into the pores faster and have a richer composition. The effect of use will be as follows:

The feeling of dryness and tightness will disappear. If you have very dry skin, you should use the oil before or after applying your daily cream.

The surface of the skin will become elastic and tightened. The upper and middle layers of the dermis will receive more moisture and retain it better, due to which the water balance is improved.

The face will be smooth and well-groomed, and its color will be healthy and radiant.

Oil should be selected specifically for you. But cosmetologists recommend doing it this way - any type of product is suitable for dry skin, but not for combined, normal and oily skin.


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